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Top 8 Crypto Trading Platform in India(Very Popular)

Cryptocurrency trading is a new form of investment that has become popular in the recent years. The number of people who trade cryptocurrency is increasing and there are many exchanges that allow crypto trading.

In order to trade on a crypto trading platform, you need to have an account. The account is typically created by filling out a form with some personal information such as your name, email address, and password.

Once the form is submitted, you will be sent an activation link in your email inbox. You will then need to click on the link and confirm that you want to create the account.

The process of opening a crypto trading account can take anywhere from minutes to days depending on what type of verification is required by the exchange.

In this article, we are going to present the top 8 crypto trading platform or exchanges in India.

So let’s get started,

1. Binance


Binance has grown to be one of the most popular platforms for trading cryptocurrencies and it is currently the largest crypto exchange by volume. The company has also become a major player in the cryptocurrency market, since it just recently launched its own token called BNB (Binance Coin).

BNB is currently ranked as the 23rd largest cryptocurrency in the world by market cap, and can be used to pay for trading fees and withdrawal fees on Binance.

Traders are looking for the best trading platform, and some of them are finding it in Credence. Binance have a number of features that set them apart from the rest, such as their proprietary trader-friendly pricing that rewards traders for their volume.

Binance is a world-leading cryptocurrency exchange. It has good reputation and offers a wide range of coins with high liquidity. The interface is user-friendly and there are English tutorials for beginners. There is no registration process and the trading fee is 0.1%.

2. Coinbase


Coinbase is a cryptocurrency trading platform that allows its users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. The platform provides a secure way for people to trade the different types of cryptocurrencies.

You can trade on Coinbase on the web or with Android and iOS mobile periods. You won’t find a more beginner-friendly experience with an online broker. It’s easy to use and anyone who has used a stock trading website will be able to get up and running in no time.

On the main dashboard, you’re able to view your Coinbase portfolio, and you’re never more than a couple of clicks away from a screen to buy and sell currency.

Coinbase offers an all-in-one platform for the average person who wants to get into cryptocurrency. There is no more need for multiple, unsecured exchanges when you have Coinbase combining it all on one easy to use site.

The company has a number of features which make it stand out from other exchanges. These include:

  • A global network with over 100 countries supported
  • A variety of payment methods including bank transfers, credit cards, debit cards, and more
  • High liquidity with low fees
  • Security with multisig technology and cold storage
  • Instant trading:
  • Send digital currency to anyone anywhere in the world:
  • Securely store digital currency offline or online

3. WazirX


WazirX is a cryptocurrency exchange platform launched in India. The company is registered with the Indian Financial Regulatory Authority and has been granted a Payment Institution license.

WazirX offers trading in over 100 cryptocurrencies and tokens as well as fiat currency pairs like INR, USD, EURO, GBP etc.

WazirX is an exchange, P2P network and marketplace rolled into one. It has an extensive catalog of cryptocurrencies to trade in and the fees are dependent on the coin of choice that is chosen. The exchange offers trading pairs with fiat currencies as well as multiple cryptocurrencies.

The acquisition of Binance means that there is likely integration between these two platforms in the future, which as we all know, benefits both platforms and gives them a competitive edge.

WazirX has mobile apps for Android and iOS, as well as desktop clients for Windows and macOS.

WazirX has been designed to be an exchange that is easy to use and understand for anyone who wants to trade in cryptocurrencies.

4. Coindcx pro


Coindcx pro is a trading platform that provides access to the best crypto exchanges and offers a variety of trading strategies.

Coindcx pro is an algorithmic cryptocurrency exchange with the goal of providing traders with the best possible tools to trade on the market. They offer a variety of trading strategies, including support for arbitrage, scalping and other advanced techniques.

Coindcx pro has an intuitive interface that will allow traders to start using it without any prior experience in cryptocurrency trading. The platform also offers very low fees for all trades, which means that you can invest more money into your trades without worrying about losing money due to fees.

Coindcx pro has many features that make it stand out from other platforms. One of these features is the “Bot” which will automatically execute trades for you when certain conditions are met. It also has a “Protected Wallet” feature which will store your coins in an encrypted wallet that cannot be accessed by anyone but you.

5. BitBns


BitBns is India’s advanced Crypto Exchange with support for hundreds of cryptocurrencies. It is a platform that allows you to trade your coins across the world. The platform has a simple and easy-to-navigate interface, which provides information on the current price, lowest buying limit and associated fees.

You can keep your crypto assets in BitBns wallet, and they do support a variety of third party wallets including those that you may use..

If you want, you can make interest on your crypto investment but the best part is that you won’t need much to start compared to traditional investments.

The fees at BitBns depend on the trading price, amount and which digital currencies you are trading.

They have many coins to choose from which makes it a great starting point for your cryptocurrency experience. Options include their web app or they have apps you can download for free on android and iOS.

6. Coinswitchkuber


Coinswitchkuber is a cryptocurrency exchange that caters to the Indian market.

It has been launched by a group of traders who were dissatisfied with the lack of customer service and security issues at other exchanges.

Coinswitchkuber aims to be India’s first fully regulated cryptocurrency exchange, ensuring that users are protected from security breaches and hacks.

Coinswitchkuber is a free app that offers users the ability to track cryptocurrency prices and portfolio in real-time.

You can start with as little as 100Rs. With multiple payment options from the Indian banking ecosystem like UPI, card or bank transfer, it will be easy for you to get started with your on-demand tasks.

Coinswitchkuber has an easy-to-use interface that allows users to trade any time at their convenience and in their preferred currencies. It also offers features like chat rooms where you can share ideas with other traders, portfolio management tools which help you track your investments and analyze your performance, etc.

7. Paxful


Paxful is the king in peer-to-peer Bitcoin trading and has recently expanded to India. If you want to convert your Indian Rupee (INR) into BTC, Paxful is the best option.

The website has a lot of great features to make sure your payments are affordable, secure and fast. You can buy Bitcoin using over 300 different payment methods including escrow backed transactions.

Paxful Bitcoin wallet comes equipped with robust security features and 2-factor authentication in order to increase your safety. With verification measures that are stringent, Paxful is a safe trading environment.

Paxful is a place for peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading encounters. You’ll see the buyers picking offers from various vendors.

Payment methods differ from seller to seller. Speaking generally, you’ll find great flexibility in using different payment methods.

Paxful charges different transaction fees based on the wallet you use. Fees are usually lesser with Paxful’s own wallet.

The one thing that Paxful offers is the option to set your own prices and limits. This can be really helpful for buying crypto.

8. Zebpay


A new bitcoin exchange called Zebpay has been making waves for the crypto market in india. It is unlike the traditional exchanges because it does not store bitcoins on its servers. Instead, 98% of bitcoins are stored offline as ‘cold’ storage. The company advertises that this is excellent for security and very easy to use.

Zebpay advertises to use 98% of storage as long-term storage for their users. When inactive, cold storage is disconnected from the internet and offers higher levels of security when compared to other types of wallets

There’s a small monthly membership fee for this trading platform, which includes a commission if you trade through it and also paying interest (up to 6%) on any crypto assets you hold in-app. If you want, they can loan you some cryptocurrency as well – currently up to 12%.

They have an exchange platform in addition to a wallet to store the purchased crypto. Zebay is headquartered in Singapore and operates globally.

Zebpay is an Indian exchange platform that provides a variety of crypto to people globally. They currently have over 35 million users. Zebpay was founded in 2011 and already has shown great success.


Please keep in mind that crypto investments come with some risks and can be especially risky for inexperienced investors.

Crypto prices fluctuate drastically and there is a lot of volatility in this market. There have been many people who have lost money by investing in crypto, so be sure to do your research before you invest any money into it.

So, if you’re ready to mix things up in the crypto world- these platforms have what it takes.

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